Tursan vignerons territoire

Since 1958, our cooperative “La Cave des Vignerons de Tursan” has become a must-visit destination in the Landes. It represents now a 500ha vineyard in the South-West of France. We are producing 30 000 hl on average of Tursan PDO and Landes PGI wines. We are proud to reach a turnover of 6.5 million euros.

Responsible about the quality of our wine of Tursan, we manage the Cooperative in the same way than a wine estate from the vine management until the bottling process. 120 winemakers and 26 collaborators are implicated every day in Quality and Sustainable approaches to bring forward our vine population specificities and our old grape varieties from the Pyrenees.

tursan_territoireEngagement, reactivity, team spirit, friendliness represent the spirit of the Landes. We are offering a unique line of Tursan wines: red, white and rosé with also the sweet PGI ones. Together, let’s share the spirit of Tursan!

Finally, tradition has a beautiful future “TURSAN, en aban*”! (*”Tursan, move forward” in Gascon style)