Quality and Sustainable Development


Ours grapes, carefully selected, are picked at optimal maturity, harvested, vinified and raised in our cellars. All of our wines are bottled in Geaune’s propriety, whether it be our Domains and Castles from singular and typical plots or our blended wines from out different regions and grape varieties, selected according to the desired character of our different vintages.

Tursan PDO, a territory, an appellation, a brand that proudly displays ‘environmental and sustainable approaches’, like organic farming, and sustainable development. These approaches represent our ongoing commitment, our research in sustainable viticulture and respectful of our environment, also illustrate our strong values for a responsible agriculture.

tursan developpement durable



• Increase the qualitative potential of the harvest

• Improve plot selection and adapt tools and production methods accordingly

• Satisfy customers in terms of product quality, food safety and sales support


• Control the use of chemical inputs in wine production

• Preserve natural resources and biodiversity

• Installation of a phytosanitary effluent treatment center

• Reduction of water consumption

• Coverage and use of 2 photovoltaic panel buildings


• The bottling line is modernized 

• The wine and grape analysis laboratory is also modernized, to ensure a constant qualitative monitoring of the wines and to have a better approach to the maturity of the grapes.

• The renovation of the buildings of the cellar is carried out, so as to favor its landscape integration in the village of Geaune, revegetation of the facades and roofs.

• Adapt the cellar to public reception, group visits and wine tourism thanks to the development of the Houses Tursn wines of Mugron, Pouillon, Geaune and Messanges.

Some important dates!

2003-Adhésion à la norme Agri-Confiance

2008-Certification ISO 9001 :

2010-Certification ISO 22000 

2012-Inauguration of the premises following important works

2015-Satellite mapping

2016-ISO 9001/FSSC 22000 

2018-In the process of AFAQ 26000 certification and RSE


To choose Agri Confiance is to opt for the assurance of consuming products that are both good for the planet and respectful of producers. With Agri Confiance, become a Consum'Actor involved in responsible and sustainable agriculture at all levels.

the label for uncompromising enjoyment

Agri Quali

Agri Confiance guarantees quality and traceability through an independent organisation: eating Agri Confiance products means being assured of eating certified products.

Agri Solidaire

To consume Agri Confiance products is to consume products coming a social and sustainable economy.  A cooperative system based on the principles of fairness and social utility: French products that promote the development of the local economy, energize the local territories and give value to our land. Choosing Agri Confiance means supporting French producers.

Agri Durable

For Agri Confiance, producers must comply with strict specifications. For example: respecting animal welfare, preserving our territories and the environment by developing biodiversity, using water resources responsibly, using sustainable farming techniques, etc. Relying on Agri Confiance means encouraging an agriculture that respects our planet.

3 pillars of commitments*

to meet all consumer expectations

Qualité garantie
  • French Origin
  • Certified traceability and quality
  • Controlled food safety
  • Transparency of practices
Soutien des agriculteurs et des territoires
  • Solidarity and fairness : cooperative model
  • Local employment and local economy
  • Community involvement
Préservation de l’environnement
  • Limitation of the use of inputs
  • Biodiversity
  • Soil conservation
  • Preservation of water resources
* All of these commitments are progressive according to levels


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